• Real Estate

    Acquisition Group actively seeks to purchase properties that provide excellent returns on investment with minimal risk. Three preferred asset classes we invest in include:

    – Two Hannover Square Building, Raleigh, North Carolina

    – Pacific Beach Market Place, San Diego, California

    – FedEx Distribution Center, San Diego, California

    Real Estate
  • Equities

    Acquisition Group focuses on cooperative partnerships with selected investors for the private placement of funds including:

    – Value Investing
    – Arbitrage
    – Hedged Investments:


  • Commodities

    Acquisition Group leverages global advantages to supply its customers with wood products, textiles, food products, oil & gas.

  • International Business Development

    Acquisition Group has expertise in brand management and new business development and has joint venture opportunities with foreign and domestic partners, and support of international import and export activities.

    Production of crops and livestock. Ownership of farms and ranches.

    International Business Development
  • Consulting

    Acquisition Group provides advisory services for Merger & Acquisition transactions.


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